Anatomy of Our Data Center

Feb 03, 2022

Data Centers are built to withstand disasters and most are surrounded with guards, barbed wire and bio metric scanning units. No, it isn't a war zone, but data centers are very secure structures because they are where servers reside.

If you are using web hosting, then you are part of a data center. Inside of DC's there are a number of centers known as server rooms. Each server room needs certain services and features to deliver your information to the internet. A failure of any of theses systems could bring your site crashing down.

The Guts

While data centers are the "big box," you could consider server rooms the prize within the box. While the DC provides all the essential operating features like power, cooling, security and bandwidth, it would essentially be useless without the greater glory of the servers inside.

Inside the Data Center

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Deep inside a DC seems like a cave at times.

Server rooms, also know as cages, are lined with cabinets that contain racks.

Multiple servers are racked within each cabinet.

Hundreds and sometimes thousands of enterprise class servers are located in these server rooms and need the power, cooling and connectivity services that a data center offers.

Server rooms are generally staffed by onsite system administrators who can carry out physical tasks like replacing drives and managing the physical needs of a server fleet.

Hot Servers are Bad News

Servers naturally produce heat. One of the essential needs to keep a server room humming along smoothly is the power of cooling. Interlinked computers and a wall of servers produce more heat than you can image. A server room managing massive data bases and running power for 1000's of servers can heat up quickly. Cooling is critical and the larger base of a data center is necessary to keep servers cool for optimal operation.


Shared Hosting servers and plans

A continuous supply of power is always on hand for server rooms in a DC. The resources needed to keep servers humming along is enormous. Power is required not only for the actual server but also for the cooling systems and other infrastructure support. Complex environmental controls are at the heart of a data center to ensure that each server room is not only cool but that the power is always on.

While the public utility may fail, server rooms are all connected to backup power sources like backup batteries and industrial commercial generators. A server room in a data center is protected against power failures even when the grid fails.

Connectivity and Bandwidth

Data centers contain server rooms for many different types of businesses. No matter the size or the scope of the business, whether its a health care company or a VPS web host like Champion Consulting, each still needs the bandwidth services of the provider or providers within the data center. Bandwidth is necessary to deliver all the files housed on the servers to the world wide web and without it your hosted websites would not be distributed across the globe.

Server rooms are complex. Hundreds of servers depend on all of the systems that a data center offers. The beauty of a server room means that the day to day operations of administration and services can be addressed without expending the excessive costs and manpower that would be needed to run a server room without the support systems and resources a data center offers.


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